Finding joy in the small things: Botanical Garden Brno

A while ago I made a promise to myself to try to look for the little everyday things that bring me happiness. To reflect on those moments of joy and be grateful for them. Well one of those moments came yesterday, when I visited botanical garden in Brno.

Leaving the apartment with just a purse and camera in my backpack I climbed into a half-empty tram. Immediately I saw the opportunity. Empty seats and no one to fight over them with? Well that’s a win. I slid into the first one next to me, the tram started moving and I looked outside. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, streets mostly deserted as few people had enough energy to get out of the house after their busy week. The sun was shining bright and painting everything it touched just a bit too orange. Trees began to change colours and fist artistically coloured leaves floated round.

Little pool outside the greenhouse

Getting off near the Botanical garden, there were just a couple of steps left to its entrance. I walked around an almost deserted outside part and headed straight for the Greenhouse. As I got closer I saw an old lady, holding the front door open for her granddaughter. The little girl was clearly refusing to enter, defiantly teasing that poor soul by pretending she was about to enter and then turning around in the last moment and running few steps out of her reach. Grandma rolled her eyes and a faint grin appeared on her face as she was trying to hold laughter back. She was clearly entertained by the situation as much as that little devil jumping up and down. However, she had to remain serious, because cashier lady was getting restless over all the cold air granny was letting in through the open door.

I came closer, took the door handle from her and pointed out that I’ll go after her. A moment of surprise crossed her face, but she understood in a second. Smiling and thanking me she walked in. The tiny girl, so fearless a couple seconds ago, stopped. Having lost sight of her grandma she reconsidered her current position and ran in. She slammed her weight into grandma’s legs and wrapped her small arms around her thighs. Letting her head fall backwards, under an awkward angle that might be life threatening for any adult, she flashed an expression of complete happiness upwards. This was met by a calm, loving smile from granny.

I’m not going to lie that was a pretty sweet moment and it caused me to walk around for the next hour with an idiotic smile on my face. But honestly, I don’t think the plants were bothered.

Here’s just couple more photos of plants…because I just like taking pictures of them (mainly because they don’t get camera-shy and tend to remain in one position).

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